Since 2001, this Austin-based artist has been forming glass in the flame...
As the mother of the Female Flame-Off, she gives back to the community that forged her skills by creating custom pieces and teaching others.

Roze has acquired a wide range of technical skills with hollow and solid borosylicate glass.

Originally from Chicago, she got her start in a production warehouse.

Her love and passion for the medium continues to grow...
Roze instructing a student...

• 2010 ~ Eugene, Oregon ~ Eugene Flame-Off

• 2005 – 2009 ~ Female Flame-Off

• 2004 ~ Madison, Wisconsin – Ring of Fire Studio

Related Professional Experience:

Founder / Event Coordinator –
Female Flame-Off 2005-2009

"Design is a big part of glassblowing. You want to work out all the elements before you get to the flame. You might come up with a design but the glass might not want to do that, so you learn to go with the flow."

* Glass Stock – Eugene, Oregon – 2010

* City Glass – Austin, Texas – 2009 to present


Flow Magazine – 2008, 2009

Eugene Glass School Auction magazine- 2010

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

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I'll be posting some of my new multi-media work soon!!! Many Blessings